SSRS and SharePoint 2010

SQL Server 2008 R2, slated for a Community Technology Preview this summer, provides some clues as to new features that will be availabe with/in SharePoint 2010:


Add-in for Microsoft Office SharePoint 2010 Share & Collaborate with Confidence Enables users to publish reports and analyses to SharePoint to make them available to others in the organization Applications and reports can be refreshed automatically while also maintaining version control and tracking Central, secure location where users can easily control who has access to sensitive data while also maximizing the number of people who can view the reports SharePoint 2010 Management Console Manage User-Generated Analytical Applications Provides a single, comprehensive management tool through Microsoft Office SharePoint that gives IT administrators the ability to set server policies and monitor Self Service BI activities IT can manage and secure all BI assets, freeing the original authors to focus on business priorities Dashboard views to monitor access and utilization of analyses and reports as well as track patterns of hardware usage to help ensure the right security privileges are applied and user generated solutions are continuously available, up-to-date, and secured

you can find more about in this blog


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